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February 2024

1.2 2h

working with a knife to better understand the holds

2.2 1h

practiced basics for 4th kyu, karaoke :)

6.2 1.5h

holding the wrist as an uke, lots of kokyu ho

7.2 2h

same technique tried with accepting and hard-stopping uke

8.2 2h

lots of different kokyo ho

9.2 1h

remembered the techniques for 5th kyu

12.2 1.5h

lots of people on tatami, around 30

13.2 2h

new thoughts on controling my palm when holding the partner

14.2 2h

it starts to be warm again, 20 mins of active falling is harder :)

15.2 2h

assisting the beginners course, always interesting to see and remember about how hard it was to start

16.2 1h

practiced lots of nikkyo just because it's fun

19,21,22.2 5h

forgot to write the notes :)

23.2 2h

seminar with Stefan Stenudd, lots of strong holding as uke

28.2 2h

I still sometimes fail to finish irimi nage

27 hours of training in February, 325.5 hours total. The most interesting findings were from Feb-2