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November 2023

1.11.2023 2h

I don't like when I forget the basics, but the basics are probably the hardest part

2.11.2023 2h

feet can show your direction, good idea to check on it

3.11.2023 1h

preparing for 4th kyu, going well

6.11.2023 2h

helping beginners again, learnt not to openly stand when attacking for irimi nage

8.11.2023 2h

good observation from the coach: I stand too lightly, which makes my legs movement too indecisive

9.11.2023 2h

we played around feet and body direction when being attacked, I’ve made some progress since the last time

10.11.2023 2h

exam preparation, I remember most of 4th kyu techniques, execution is not ideal though
figured out there’s no need to hold the palm when doing nikyo, enough to grab the wrist

13.11.2023 3h

I've seen an (accidental) all-women aikido class
felt the difference between holding the contact via whole body vs holding it just by the hand/shoulder (I keep forgetting this feeling)
will need to keep an eye on not pulling the partner's hand when doing irimi nage, instead leading it forward and being behind the partner

15.11.2023 2h

the biggest class I've seen so far, 30+ people on tatami
first time I was feeling very straight and stable doing kote gaishi (probably just tried to impress the gals and it helped)

16.11.2023 2h

I liked training with holding the walking partner with a fist, I've seen some progress in it during the last couple of months
When receiving shomen, upper hand should stretch forward, not to the side
when training with lots of people on the dojo, it’s very easy to see which partner works better for you. We’ve recently discussed what makes a good uke, one of the things resonated with me was “interest in mutual development”. Interest or no interest is very easy to see even outside of dojo, if you start paying attention. I appreciate those interested in me personally more and more

17.11 2h

training for the exams, basic techniques I can already remember well, basic Japanese words help to remember things quicker

20.11 1.5h

I’m so used to 2h-long trainings that 90mins feels not enough :)

22.11 2h

first time trying yonkyo, went OK :) second time trying the falls from some height, I'm still afraid to do those

23.11 2h

I kind of did figure out once or twice the palm-to-chin movement, which was my personal problematic one for the last couple of months. Still not good at directing my body

27.11 4h

assisting the beginners class, I received a hit in the chin, when trying to apply more force into holding. It made sense, but after an hour or so my body started to get back to old habits and wanted to apply more force instead of protecting itself first. I felt unteachable after the training, but unlearning is hard to do

29.11 1,5h

I like to train weapons in the end of the training, as it brings the body balance back

30.11 1.5h

we've watched kung-fu panda and drank wine

34.5 hours of training in November, 248.5 hours total. The most interesting findings were from Nov-16