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October 2023

2.10.2023 1.5h

pleasant feeling when throwing a partner with the weight of my whole body by stepping towards him
finally got a little blue book and a license after practicing for almost a year, the aikido journey becomes even more serious now

4.10,2023 2h

many techniques already going not bad, new problem - we cannot remember the names of the techniques we do

5.10.2023 2h

and as usual, had to start learning from scratch: today the basic techniques stopped working again :)

9.10.2023 1.5h

tried "advanced" techniques, no rocket science, but lots of moving. I still don't understand the uke role yet and "helping" the tori too much

11.10.2023 2h

we did several techniques starting with the partner holding both hands from behind. It's my second time, all in all these techniques are fun

12.10.2023 2h

I really like relaxation exercises after a good training

18.10.2023 2h

tried nikyo ura for the first time, if it hurts, it's right

19.10.2023 2h

return of the weapons, yay

20.10.2023 1h

first time training without a coach, hard but fun

21.10.2023 1h

an aikido day without aikido: we've gathered the grapes to make wine, without the proper technique the back hurts :)

23.10.2023 1.5h

we've trained dynamically and I was slightly hit to the face, what was weird is that I didn't feel any emotion on that and just continued. I don't know yet if I should feel anything or not, as I don't have much experience of getting hit to my face in my real life

25.10.2023 2h

when doing ushiro ukemi, I need to extend legs a bit more behind, helps to stand up quicker

26.10.2023 2h

catching the elbow from shomen uchi is pleasant

27.10.2023 1.5h

uke role in nikyo ura makes more sense when you imagine you want to stab with a free hand. Big finding: as an uke I'm pretty inactive because I'm afraid to hurt someone and hurt myself, because I know the pain will come, as I already did the technique in the past. I thought for a couple of hours before sleeping that I'd like to find a motivation to hurt people when the goal is learning and to hurt myself with the goal of learning.
It just so happened, one of the chapters of Franck Noel's book is talking just about this - feeling of "inadequacy" of creating a model situation, when the gut feeling is not to create it and not to get hurt. And as usual, there're no answers :D

30.10.2023 2h

my first time assisting the beginners. I was proud of myself seeing my progress of less than a year. I was also pleasantly surprised to see how people can do things well even after a couple of classes, I remember my first times and I felt I cannot move at all.

26 hours of training in October, 214 hours total. The most interesting findings were from Oct-27