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September 2023

I've started with aikido in January 2023. Before starting to take the notes I've trained around 150h total, maybe a bit more. These notes would be an exercise in mindfulness and a way to remember stuff when I'm old(er)

4.9.2023, 2h

That day I also took first joga classes. Very slow excercises, but it still hurts
For many attacks we need to let the partner go where he went, but also to add new dimensions to his movement

5.9.2023, 2h

Found a new cool move with the edge of the palm, which clearly hurts

6.9.2023, 1h

If the technique looks weird, check if the attack was done correctly. Cut when you need to cut (CUUUUUUUUUUUUUT)

7.9.2023 2h

Observed several techniques starting from a light push to the shoulder, the lighter the more interesting

11.9.2023 1,5h

New tatami (a bit slippery): memories of playing football in new places, which I really liked, but some people lost all skills due to that. Playing on the snow was my favourite one (Russians!) because I finally could run as fast as others.

12.9.2023 1h

Mind the distance of the first step behind the partner, small step may be not enough. Aikido is probably good for the knees?

13.9.2023 2h

My first techniques in suwari waza: easier than looks in reality
Finishing nikyo should be pleasant for the partner, doesn't work in my hands until I hold the upper part of partner's hand well

14.9.2023 2h

I don’t like touching people’s chins with a palm. Shoulders are stiff due to that.
Need to stretch my hands more forward when attacked by shomen to redirect, not to catch

19.9.2023 1.5h

Incorrect palm orientation in the start breaks the technique

20.9.2023 2h

We tried palm "girls" fighting, I didn't like the constant need to raise the tempo. I liked the tempo of practicing ikkyo and going towards the partner

23-24.9.2023 16h

Aikido Marathon in Prague

25.9.2023 1.5h

Interesting to do mae ukemi and control its compactness (crocodiles around the tatami)

27.9.2023 2h

Using weight to go towards the partner during ikkyo

28.9.2023 1.5h

It's too hot in the end of September

38 hours of training in September, 188 hours total. The most interesting findings were from Sep-24