Bratislava and designers

Хотите меня поддержать? Патреон

Bratislava has lots of unsolved design problems - plenty of work for us!

My favorite design movement — photo kiosks

I was taking a bus for Devin and had just a couple of minutes to buy a ticket. I didn't manage to do it, cause look at these freaking buttons with arrows. Impossibly bad UX design. Actually, public transportation design is probably the weakest point in every system.

Or maybe you'd like to pay for parking? What button will you push?

Chess desk — anyone ever played it here? Why would anyone do it?

But nothing is lost — design studios exist here (probably they'll read this post and fix the ticket machines?)

When buying a pack of cigarretes - lighter for free. Nice!

In Bratislava I've found the 21st century tap — water goes from the middle, air from the sides (working really well!). Definitely, the most exciting thing I've found in Bratislava.

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