Bratislava is not walkable

Хотите меня поддержать? Патреон

What I didn't like in Bratislava from the first minutes - the city is just not made for walking. Wherever you can walk - it's not really pleasant.
Only the city center is walkable and full of people, but you can go through it in an hour. The other parts of the city are not interesting.

A thing very different if you're coming from Prague - no pavement!

You cannot pass the street without using a bridge

3-way road, both sides. Took me kinda 2 minutes to pass.

Every crossing takes 2-3 minutes. Disgusting

3 minutes from the center, and the city is unbelievably uncomfortable

I found a metro!

Nope, just shitty stores in the underpass (underpasses always contain shitty stores, it's a global rule!)

I've entered some park and the path led me to nowhere. Bratislava is definitely not for the walkers.

Signs look well, but don't do their job — wasn't easy to navigate

Probably the only place I enjoyed walking on

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