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December 2023

1.12 1.5h

still preparing for the 4th kyu exam, I remember the techniques, but the details still suck

4.12 1.5h

practiced the 4th kyu techniques, I feel it should be enough :D

6.12 2h

practice for the exam, still feeling confident, but different feelings with different ukes

8.12 2h

final preparation, uke is alive, ready to pass Japanese A1 level

9.12 4h

seminar, new things I learnt:
start moving with a leg closer to the partner as uke for irimi nage as another option
tried out new techniques with arm move and getting to uke's neck

got my 4th kyu, yay :D but we did several techniques incorrectly (did the starting steps for everything from katatedori - fun to see how I've written we knew all the techniques well)

Christmas party with aikido people, I liked it. Dancing, drinking, talking (I need someone to teach me dancing tho, probably the next year's resolution?). As usual, tried my best to have more fun after a seminar, that's my aikido seminar tradition.

11.12 1.5h

muscles hurt after a seminar, I convinced myself to go though, it helped the pain
I’m still very bad in actively stepping inside partner’s space, I need to work harder on it

13.12 2h

we worked on small details for some basic techniques, good to learn something new in the basics as usual

14.12 2h

I liked how this training was mild, with the weapons in the end, this week I was a bit tired and an easy training was what I needed

15.12 1h

I've trained entering partner space, still hard to understand how and why to extend the hands forward when entering

18.12 1.5h

many people on the mat, probably as we won't meet until the end of the year. We were training yokomenuchi and the weapons in the end. The weapons feel kinda new each time we remember to train them.

21.12 2h

there was shooting in Prague and it was hard to make myself go out, however it was good we all came and were there for each other

28.12 1.5h

an easy training after Christmas and good talk with wine and cookies afterwards, we've repeated the 3 ways to get out from gyakohanmi

22.5 hours of training in December, 271 hours total. The most interesting findings were from Dec-21