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January 2024

3.1 2h

after a break I was really happy to do some sports again as I was 50% mayonaise by now, we've practiced holding with two hands for the first time

4.1 2h

practicing 3 ways of releasing a hand from gyakohanmi, interesting is some ways are working better with some people, while almost not working on the others

more and more people on the tatami, almost 30 this time (January commitment or is it getting popular?)

5.1 1.5h

training mostly for teachers and assistants, lots of discussion on "why". Discussion of the practical details of running a dojo afterwards, pretty unique

8.1 1.5h

continued with training two-hand holding, tried yonkyo (doesn't work well yet when we're slow)

10.1 2h

Dan was the greatest uke that day (fan service)
still practiced ryote katate dori, some small details

11.1 2h

I liked the new version of irimi nage where one of my legs stays in constant motion without touching the ground

13.1 4h

seminar in Berlin

main finding: osensei button. Whenever you feel bad, just press the button and light will be there

Now we also know why it's important to take your shoes off before going on tatami

And now we know "where are your troubles"

on the serious note, exercises are easy only if you do it often. Whoever does an easy exercise for the first time doesn't think it's easy

15.1 1.5h

ryote katate dori, played around sankyo

17.1 2h

ryote katate dori, new techniques, interestingly kote gaeshi, which wasn't intuitive for me, but all the others were easy to grasp

18.1 2h

reminded ourselves the techniques from ayhanmi katate dori, glad I still remembered most of them
one of the good parts of the training was where we stopped talking, I felt these couple of minutes very differently. I actually told myself a couple of months ago to talk less and to show more, whenever I think somebody needs help. When I'm asked directly, talking is usually more straightforward.

22.1 1.5h

techniques with holding the arm with 2 hands and controlling the elbow up
tip of the sword should face the partner so he doesn’t see its length

24.1 2h

reminded several ayhanmi katate dori techniques

25.1 2h

several techniques starting from releasing from katate dori
new one with almost full circle behind the partner

29.1 1.5h

techniques starting with holding the partner's shoulder up with 2 hands

27.5 hours of training in January, 298.5 hours total. The most interesting findings were from Jan-13