My thoughts on privacy of the person

The first type of privacy I'd like to talk today about is the privacy of the person.

Privacy of the person encompasses the right to keep body functions and body characteristics (such as genetic codes and biometrics) private. Privacy of the person is thought to be conducive to individual feelings of freedom and helps to support a healthy, well-adjusted democratic society.

How can such data as biometrics leak?


Let's think on when do we collect this data. I'd say the first thing that comes to my mind is creating a fingerprint sample for unblocking the mobile devices. It's a very pleasant feature that allows you to quickly unblock your device just by touching a little "button". Well, that still works badly, as even from my own experience, Ipad Air takes a couple of seconds to unlock, which makes the users mad.

However, is the price we pay (giving such personal data to 3rd party) worth the comfort? Well, I must say most of the people around me love the feature (even those paranoic, who have a scotch on their webcamera). But it's still not secure - e.g., it was easily hacked by the same good old scotch tape:

However, Apple is not the only company, who took my fingerprints. Who else? European union. As a student, I pay nearly 100 Euro (2500 Czech crowns) every year, so they could take my 2 fingerprints. Why do they do it? Well, nobody knows. Probably if you are a criminal kind, they'll catch you quickly.

Well, actually not. Adam has ruined this already

In this case breaking the privacy of the person has just no sense and makes you vulnerable the moment you share this data.

How to protect yourself from giving this data? Well, no chance. Don't travel and don't buy mobile phones.

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