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VR UX Rule #2 - Look, mum, no hands!

I've bought a VR headset for kinda 50 EUR - that's the price you pay today for all the fun!

All you need is just to insert your smartphone, adjust the lenses and lauch an app or a video. Voila!

Actually we've tried out the VR headset together with my homies in a store - none of them was excited as I was. Why? Well, cause it's pretty boring - in a good case, you'll just see a video of a low resolution, in which you can turn your head and see a bit of what's going on around the main scene. LUL.

That's how a today's classical VR guy looks like (that's your son in 10 years, remember that before trolling):

And yes, the mouth is open not because I'm so excited, but because the stupid engineers made a headset, which covered my nose, so I can't breath. Welcome to 2017.

However, from the first seconds of wearing a VR headset I see lots of possible usages in the web, and the web is currently pretty boring - everybody can make a 3-star interactive website in a short amount of time today. People are waiting for something new and WebVR technologies could bring that portion of fresh air.

If you don't have a headset, you can get the idea of what a WebVR page is here. The difference between WebVR and commom web would be pretty clear - instead of old-fashioned navigation using hands (keyboard, mouse, touchscreen), you'll be navigating the website by moving your head. Obviously, VR headsets would be extremely useful in those industries where people want to consume the content and have the hands freed for some other activity - like masturbation, making DIY stuff with a screwdriver or cooking lessons.

That said, it's pretty obvious, that common web surfing doesn't require hands, that's why today's VR websites are pretty useless.

Finally your designer's soul is happy - turn your head to the right and appreciate that cool green color!

So, not a rule, but still important:

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Tags: VR-UX