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How to make QR-codes useful: t-shirts

Two things I hate in life:

T-shirt labels

and QR-codes.

The first ones ruin your day every minute by scratching your back, the second ones scratch your brain by being placed literary everywhere without thinking if it is appropriate or not.

Scratching, however, was a bit more disturbing for me, so I was thinking on how I can improve it. Firstly I was trying to think like a classical guy - remove this fucking thing. But a couple of weeks ago I was trying on some cool COS trousers and suddenly understood, that they can be dry-cleaned only (whatever it is). So actually, sometimes the information on the label is pretty necessary.

So, in some cases (like those freacking woolen trousers), there's no way to remove the label — at least, the trousers' users should always see: don't put this result of engineering thought into a washing machine.

In the common cases (like a t-shirt), it's OK to remove it, but once in a while you may need this information (if you're a girl, for example, and you want to wash your knight's ammunition together with your stuff).

The answer is — use QR-codes instead, when this info is rarely used.

QR-codes actually can be kinda stylish, so putting one on a t-shirt should not be a big deal for the designers.

t-shirt with qr-code instead of label

So the person who's really giving a fuck about washing temperature would download an app, which will be an industry standard and scan the code whenever needed.

t-shirt with qr-code instead of label and mobile app

In the app you'll see the standard label (don't break the UX things which were used for decades!) and maybe some additional info for those curious, who want to know, what's the real difference between 30 and 40 degrees when talking about washing clothes.

app for reading t-shirt qr-codes for washing

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