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My thoughts on privacy of behaviour

The second type of privacy I would talk today is the privacy of behaviour and action.

This concept includes sensitive issues such as sexual preferences and habits, political activities and religious practices. However, the notion of privacy of personal behaviour concerns activities that happen in public space, as well as private space, so there's a distinction between casual observation of behaviour by a few nearby people in a public space with the systematic recording and storage of information about those activities.

Well, good news for you. If you're reading this, there's a very high chance, that this sensitive data is not collectded from you personally. You're not a politician, and nobody worries, if Monica Lewinski just helped you to pick up the pen or not. Even the fact that you love butts more than boobs (I know it from your Chrome history) in theory won't be used against you.

But well, what if one day you wake up and realize, that you now are a part of the prosecuted minority? We know, that living an LGBT life is not the easiest thing in the world today. Songs, parades, from all that we learn how hard the life is and luckily, not for us. But wait.

Let's imagine a situation, when the government collected the data about the sexual preferrences of people in your country. You were using the incognito mode but it didn't help. Your country starts the war against China (because there should be only one real communist in the little world) and your government, for propaganda purposes, assumes, that if you like Asian girls - you're the perverted one. And that's science, that's data! Let's take you to church (or even better - to the front).

Lifehack - when opening pornhub, search for the porn from your own country, that'll make you a patriot in the eyes of the big brother.

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