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июнь 2017

I came to Bratislava for a couple of days in summer of 2017. I expected more that I saw. Here are some details.

Street signs. 18 is the current number on the street, 871 is the number of the building in the city. "I." is Slovak unique, no idea what's this (it's not city area), if you know, please send me a message

The hat protects the bankomat, not the user :) Signs again

Attention, plaster falling (these are actually across the whole city center!)

Go to the other side of the street (no). I'm wondering, what are these for? If it falls, does it help the government not to pay for it? If it falls on the head of a stupid Russian tourist which cannot read it, does it count too?

Trash can in Bratislava

Trashcan and a bus


Post box (classical for the whole post-Soviet Western Europe)

Push to go (no need, no cars and people around)

Local business

Great idea of separating day/night buses.

City map is on the other side. These signs I met everywhere, so if I go back, I'll see maps only?

Local market — just like in my childhood!

But don't touch!

Slovakia is famous for it's homemade cheese — buy one right from the vending machine

It was +30 — I was so happy to find these vaporizers! Every city should have those in crowded places.

Locals call this an UFO bridge

An openair library. Bad library, but as an oasis of a low temperature in the middle of nowhere — excellent.

The booth I saw only in Bratislava. What's that? If you know, please send me a message

Russian cuisine!

Attention, school. The killer on the sign and the fat guy on the signal.

But there are better signs for protecting children

The walker


Local art!

Bratislava Castle — nothing interesting

View from the Castle - plenty of panel buildings. I hope future generations will stop building that!

Bratislava is growing and in 50 years nothing would remind about the communist era

Slovakia is Europe now

Bratislava is a city for a 1-dat visit max.

City center is pretty nice

Actually there's some charm even with those broken walls

Bratislava has lots of unsolved design problems - plenty of work for us!

My favorite design movement — photo kiosks

I was taking a bus for Devin and had just a couple of minutes to buy a ticket. I didn't manage to do it, cause look at these freaking buttons with arrows. Impossibly bad UX design. Actually, public transportation design is probably the weakest point in every system.

Or maybe you'd like to pay for parking? What button will you push?

Chess desk — anyone ever played it here? Why would anyone do it?

But nothing is lost — design studios exist here (probably they'll read this post and fix the ticket machines?)

When buying a pack of cigarretes - lighter for free. Nice!

In Bratislava I've found the 21st century tap — water goes from the middle, air from the sides (working really well!). Definitely, the most exciting thing I've found in Bratislava.

Actually I came to Bratislava to visit a food festival. It wasn't worth it at all, just people eating food, nothing else.
I took the thing on the right

You buy 5 tickets for 6 EUR. A bit pricey for what I'm used to, cause an average dish would cost those 5 tickets.

Local cuisine

Some meat for dinner (and potatoes with mayo — nyam). Variations of this dish is kinda typical in the region

These crisps in Czechia are named "Bohemia". Playing on the patriots' feelings is a dirty but working marketing strategy. And the crisps are pretty tasty, give it a try

What I didn't like in Bratislava from the first minutes - the city is just not made for walking. Wherever you can walk - it's not really pleasant.
Only the city center is walkable and full of people, but you can go through it in an hour. The other parts of the city are not interesting.

A thing very different if you're coming from Prague - no pavement!

You cannot pass the street without using a bridge

3-way road, both sides. Took me kinda 2 minutes to pass.

Every crossing takes 2-3 minutes. Disgusting

3 minutes from the center, and the city is unbelievably uncomfortable

I found a metro!

Nope, just shitty stores in the underpass (underpasses always contain shitty stores, it's a global rule!)

I've entered some park and the path led me to nowhere. Bratislava is definitely not for the walkers.

Signs look well, but don't do their job — wasn't easy to navigate

Probably the only place I enjoyed walking on

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