My thoughts on privacy of communication

Now I'd like to talk on the third type of privacy - the privacy of communication.

Privacy of communication aims to avoid the interception of communications, including mail interception, the use of bugs, directional microphones, telephone or wireless communication interception or recording and access to e-mail messages. This right is recognised by many governments through requirements that wiretapping or other communication interception must be overseen by a judicial or other authority. This aspect of privacy benefits individuals and society because it enables and encourages a free discussion of a wide range of views and options, and enables growth in the communications sector.

Well, communication today has changed a lot. And it will change a lot tomorrow. Every day there comes a new way to do this - I personally used the telephone, sms, than ICQ, than facebook and vkontakte, and, finally - messengers (I do recommend to use telegram, Durov knows how to deal with evil interceptors).

The fun fact here is how these channels become retro. Today, if you call on the stationary phone, you're probably 118 years old.

And yes, 10 years ago I was able to talk on the phone the whole day. The same is with ICQ - yesterday you were able to meet new people there and now the only thing you can find there is marijuana and prostitutes. You know, facebook is next.

But how do you fight the interceptors? Technically, anyone can sniff any internet session. Darknet? Well, you're not the terrorist, right? What's the best way?

In the book Freakonomics I've read an interesting fact about the analysis of the transactions in a bank. The useful data to detect the "bad guys" was not the content, but some metadata. There's a joke in Russian internet - if you speak on a mobile phone and the quality sucks - you should say "Putin, terrorism, Chechnya" and the KGB guy will give you a better wave.

So what do you do not to be intercepted?

Use the secret words. The film "Wire" will teach you, how to do it better.

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