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март 2016

Stockholm is just great
When you arrive at Arlanda airport, the first thing you see is they recycle plastic bottles. Good job Sweden.

We lived in a boat-hotel! Wi-fi, water, electricity is all there. As we've arrived in March, there was a 30% discount. You can drink water from the tap, and it was the tastiest water I've ever had.

The view from a toilet

In March it was a little bit cold. Mostly above zero, but still.

However the stockholmers know how to deal with it

Typical Stockholm view looks like this

The city is not an ideal square, but chaotic piece of art

Street sign

Or the snandard ones

Postbox (local and international)

Let's go down to the metro

Every station is a piece of art.

From my point of view, that's a double win. Firstly, it's just beautiful. Secondly, it looks natural. Underground and cave with drawings - what a great finding.

In Stockholm even I look well

When walking around, I saw this - what is it for?

Good news - many museums were free to enter. We went to a technical one (for kids). Here's a result - it looks like a simple image, but I've drawn it with eye movement. Future of interfaces, wait a couple of years. Stockholm kids knew it before you, however.

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