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My thoughts on privacy of thoughts and feelings

Time to speak about privacy of thoughts and feelings.

People have a right not to share their thoughts or feelings or to have those thoughts or feeling revealed. Individuals should have the right to think whatever they like. Such creative freedom benefits society because it relates to the balance of power between the state and the individual.
Privacy of thought and feelings can be distinguished from privacy of the person, in the same way that the mind can be distinguished from the body. Similarly, we can (and do) distinguish between thought, feelings and behaviour. Thought does not automatically translate into behaviour. Similarly, one can behave thoughtlessly (as many people often do).

I was born in Russia, and it's definitely one of those countries, which considers the right not to share the thoughts very important. It's of course a joke, however the question - what's the benefit of NOT sharing the feelings is for me and why should I protect this right is rather important.

I'd imagine a situation, where sharing your thoughts can lead to some unwanted consequences. When I have a dinner at the restaurant, often the waiters ask you, did you enjoy the meal? Probably most of us were in a situation when you didn't, but you've aplied the right not to talk. Actually I'd say, that the biggest progress in this right appeared with the development of the internet. Before that, if you had some thoughts, you could either keep it or share it, but now you could leave a review anonymously and not connect in to your personality, thus ignoring the possible bad consequences.

So where are you still made to share the opinions? Well, in some retro places called universities. It's kinda hard to get a degree not sharing the thoughts, especially at the humanitarian faculties, where it's the base. Careful with that!

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