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My thoughts on privacy of location

Time to speak about the privacy of location and space.

According to our conception of privacy of location and space, individuals have the right to move about in public or semi-public space without being identified, tracked or monitored. This conception of privacy also includes a right to solitude and a right to privacy in spaces such as the home, the car or the office. Such a conception of privacy has social value. When citizens are free to move about public space without fear of identification, monitoring or tracking, they experience a sense of living in a democracy and experiencing freedom. Both these subjective feelings contribute to a healthy, well-adjusted democracy.

That way I was wondering, I've turned off the tracking of the position on my android phone, so - enough, protected?
Actually - not yet. I don't really like to be tracked. Why? I don't see a sense in it. Well, google tells me it uses this information to give me appropriate advertisements and I totally agree to get it. But everyone who tried to buy a pair of shoes in the internet knows - that jerks would advertise more and more shoes, not even thinking, that I probably need some t-shirts (I already have boots guys, seriously, do your machine learing properly already).

The same is with geolocation.

I share it, OK, I was in Prague yesterday and today I'm in Cologne. Do you know what I get, when I share the geodata? Yes, the 1-minute long ads in German, which I don't speak at all and I cannot skip it. If you want my data, make me believe you use it the right way!

Probably the bigger issue here is not that they collect these data, but that they encourage you to share it. Yes, we all need some attention and it's very easy to get it by sharing your selfies with a Eiffel tower on a background, but you should double think - what if you get some Bonjours monsieur, je n'ai pas mangé depuis six jours advertisement for the next month, even if you're already back home? Ceci tuera cela, I swear.

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