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My thoughts on privacy of data

Now it's time to talk about privacy of data and image.

This privacy of data and image includes concerns about making sure that individuals' data is not automatically available to other individuals and organisations and that people can "exercise a substantial degree of control over that data and its use". Such control over personal data builds self-confidence and enables individuals to feel empowered. Like privacy of thought and feelings, this aspect of privacy has social value in that it addresses the balance of power between the state and the person.

Well, collecting data is an interesting topic nowadays. It happened so, that I'm working in a company which deals with data governance. One of the aspects of my job is the question of GDPR - General Data Protection Directive. Long story short, it makes companies to learn how to deal with the personal data. There should be a process, how to react to different demands connected to data, e.g. if you want the company to delete the data from their storage.

The funniest fact is this regulation should start working in 2018. Why is it funny you ask? Well, people already know, that big fines are waiting for them (actually, millions). But nobody knows, how would this be audited. So the idea is - until the first fines are released, there's no way to properly prepare your informational systems to deal with the regulation.

So what to do in this case? Huh, as for an average guy, I'd recommend to acquire a new hobby. You can call it a type of lottery if you want. After 2018, try finding a company that stores some personal data about you. Then make up a good reason and ask the company to remove these data. Reaction time should be pretty quick. That way you'll teach the companies to set up the processes correctly and if you're lucky enough, you can even be a judge and send the evil gray collars to the court. The more fines you collect, the less data they will take from you and your kids in future.

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